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NAACL 2019のBest Paper Awardsを一人で読み会

NAACL 2019のBest Paper Awardsが公開されていましたので,1件を除いた*1ペーパーをLeading NLP Ninjaで解説しました.

Best Long Paper

BERT: Pre-training of Deep Bidirectional Transformers for Language Understanding

Best Short Paper

Probing the Need for Visual Context in Multimodal Machine Translation

Best Thematic Paper

What’s in a Name? Reducing Bias in Bios Without Access to Protected Attributes

Best Resource Paper

CommonsenseQA: A Question Answering Challenge Targeting Commonsense Knowledge



*1:Best Explainable NLP Paperは量子力学を利用してNNの説明性を付与する,というモノで全然わかりませんでした.